Vinstant - Make Multiple Stories

Make multiple stories, offline. Edit clips & export stories!

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Say hello to our brand new Vinstant app! ("Hello brand new Vinstant app...") So - What's up? You can now capture multiple clips and add them to a Story and re-order or delete clips before exporting them to your camera roll - that's what's up! Vinstant aims to become your preferred app to capture videos as all of your recordings will automatically be organized to Stories. You can easily export a Story to your Camera Roll and delete the Story afterwards (this will also delete its caches, making your storage space more efficient!) Vinstant have an awesome product roadmap for 2017... Any product install will boost our superpowers to introduce new tools that makes it even more fun and creative to make video stories. Don't worry, Vinstant will always keep its clean flow and simplicity without burying it with zillions of scary features only a few understands. :) Please let me know what you think using the comments and what you can imagine we do with Vinstant - thanks!!! /JJ, maker