Record multiple clips in one video (portrait or landscape)

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Hi, my name is JJ and I'm the maker of Vinstant. It's an app for iOS that allows you to record multiple clips in one video and the app size is less than 1 MB. It's very easy and quick to use with a simple 3 step flow: Record, Preview, Save. You can read my thoughts about the app using the Website link and download it on the App Store. To mark Vinstant's introduction on Product Hunt the app is free to download as an exclusive discount for the hunters. I look forward to hear your thoughts on the product! Thanks! All the best, JJ #happyhunting!
Hi, what sort of feed or interface is there for interacting with friends? Do you export videos to social media?
@deejaxsun Hi David! There isn't a feed in the app nor does it require people to sign up. In its current shape it is purely a video recorder that instantly saves to your camera roll. I'm defitenly open to one day introduce a feed + make it easier to share a video on social media and chat apps :)
@jjsandgreen Yeah you could work with filters, transitions, multiple videos on one page, all sorts of cool ways to tweak it. I was just messing with it seems cool :)
@deejaxsun thanks for your feedback! Yeps, I agree on continously improving it and make it even more useful. Personally I love using it in messages - to quickly record something and send it. Options are introducing sharing options or maybe even making a seperate app solely for Messenger by FB and give a native experience. I look forward to test the ideas! :)
Damn it, I had this exact same idea. Definitely too lazy to implement it though, thanks for making this!
@bryantpeng he-he, you're welcome! It's definitely a joy and a challenge to keep it simple and will do my best to build something out of its core-concept! Feel free to reach out any time. Thx! /JJ
@jjsandgreen Just curious, do you have any plans for making money? Or is this more of a passion project.
@bryantpeng I have thoughts on how to monetise it, but I need to validate them first during the next few weeks/months. Briefly mentioned some of it here: hope it helps!