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My name is Mark Haidar, Founder & CEO of Vinli. At Vinli we are bridging the gap between the outdated technology in the car and today's modern technology. Vinli is a connected car platform that enables building applications and services for the car.
@markhaidar The car platform seems fascinating and broad, but even the iPhone first shipped with a major focus on just getting a few things right. What are those 2-3 really compelling apps for you now?
@nabeel although we are a platform with core focus on developers, we built some core apps & services as part of Vinli. The family safety package is the first use case which includes eCall for crash response, Lock/Key to find your car and track when stolen, and Beagle for teen safety driving. The second use case is the money saving package which includes Otto app that diagnoses your car and get bids for you and Insured app that lowers your insurance premium based on your driving. We also built some other apps like Race (for racing) and Drive (quantified driving). But the main thing is what developers are going to come up with. In less than 48 hours after launch we have more than 28 apps submitted already and they are all awesome ideas.
@rrhover check out the website. It's live now
There seems to be a flood of car tech surfacing over the past few years from quantifying travel with Automatic to enabling self-driving cars with Cruise. @markhaidar - your landing page doesn't tell us much. Can you provide more specifics about Vinli?