Create engaging & trackable “digital information packets"

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Welcome to Ving. Ving is the communications engagement platform that enables organizations to increase productivity and accountability by eliminating the confusion and lack of responsiveness that often exists between sender and receiver when sharing important information. Ving enables people to more effectively create, share, act upon, and track the critical information they need as they perform their day-to-day tasks. Ving’s dashboard and its real-time analytics provide specific data-driven insights on the levels of engagement and compliance with each element or piece of information that is shared within a communication – a video recording, a survey, a photo. This feedback enables individuals to continuously improve the way they share information to get better results from their workplace communications. Ving “digital packets” are the means by which user-created information (a video, survey, photo, file) is embedded and then transmitted via an individual’s chosen platform of communications (email, messaging, social network). Accessible from any device, every Ving is intelligent, reusable and responsive. They are reusable as templates, can be deactivated on demand and are automatically tracked and analyzed in the dashboard. On Twitter: @vingapp