3 Glasses of premium wines delivered to your door each month

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This looks like a great idea - Can you share it with two people?
@kaitynotes Hey Kaitlyn, great question. You absolutely can share it with two people. The serving size is more than enough for you to walk through with a partner or friend. Each of you would have a bout ~1.5 glasses in one box. Keep um coming! :)
This subscription service looks cool and to discover new wines :) - I'm just getting the taste for wine so this would be a great way for me to practice! @willmattdukes can you hop in and let people know why you started this?
@bentossell Hey Ben, thanks so much for the note! Love to add in why we started VINEBOX. I was actually a corporate lawyer in my previous life and really (I mean really) disliked my day job. Then I just quit. I sold everything in my apartment, and I moved to Bordeaux. I lived in a super small town, Sainte-Foy-la-Grande, with a family and volunteered on their vineyard. It was amazing. Anyway, I discovered our Signature Vial format while in France and knew I wanted to bring it back to the U.S. Both my co-founder and myself have been fortunate to travel and explore the world of wine (both in US and abroad), and this format allows us to bring that experience to our member's doorstep. In truth, it's something I want myself!
Overall, the website is a really good piece of design and photography. Added it to the collection of Subscription Boxes
Very cool. Only feedback...if you could bring price down and include free shipping, you would grow your userbase IMHO. Make up for the revenue by creating partnerships with the 3 wines vintners each month..."like this wine, buy a case for x% off" Great idea though, add a gift option!
@parkerwoodward Thanks so much for the feedback. Great thoughts and all are absolutely on our radar. For the initial memberships, that's even what we're doing - it's spectacular wine and the costs are really to just cover wine, importing, QC, transport, etc. We are making sure our initial backers have the best deal possible. Yes, we think they make for a REALLY GOOD gift too. You can even gift a Founding Membership, so your friend will be grandfathered in at $28/month too. **Assuming they are 21+ years of age :)
Interesting idea, a bit like but with less liquid ^^