Vine Messages

Fun & easy video conversations with friends

Ironically, Blab (video walkie talkie), also just released and is currently the top voted product today.
This further emphasizes this trend toward one-to-one, personal messaging. @ogtfaber and I spoke a bit about this last week at the Habit Summit.
Not the smartest move, it lets me private message people I follow, so opens up possibility for celebrities etc. to get spammed. Vine built their credibility on giving celebrities a platform, its not meant to be a private messaging app.
As I mentioned in the email this morning, there appears to be a trend toward private, one-to-one communication, breaking away from the broadcast focus of leading social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Thoughts?
Totally agree with you/that claim, @rrhoover. I'll hold off on sharing some of our data right now on 1-1 sharing vs. broadcast, etc. with some upcoming changes we have on the product, but teens especially are basically saying they want to leverage all the tools available to communicate with the specific people they want. Would love to see how prevalent the word "post" is over the next couple of years. Actually received a customer email recently that asked if their content "went on the Internet."