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Igor GladkoborodovMaker@igladkoborodov · Coub, co-founder
We will help viners to save everything they created over at Vine. Not just only vines, but also followers, likes and revines. The more people connect their Vine account to Coub, the more likes, follows and revines will be saved. This is the tool to transfer the whole community to the new place. You can find more details here:
llya Pukhalski@pukhalski
@igladkoborodov great move, guys. Hats off!
Braxton Huff 🙌🏻@3raxton · Creator traveling the world 🙌🏻
@igladkoborodov How is it that all followers are moved over? Will loops also be moved over?
Igor GladkoborodovMaker@igladkoborodov · Coub, co-founder
@3raxton Followers will transfer only when the user who followed will connect his account to Coub. The same with likes and revines (recoubs). Loops will not move because we don't want fake numbers. And we don't count loops, we count views instead.
Braxton Huff 🙌🏻@3raxton · Creator traveling the world 🙌🏻
@igladkoborodov brilliant!
Antony Gorin@antony_gorin · CTO, ManyChat
@igladkoborodov that was my first thought when Twitter announced sad news about Vine! Coub is the best place for the Vine community now. Excellent decision, guys!
Mikael Yang@mikael_yang
So sad to see Vine disappear, but it's awesome that you are giving the community a place to live. I think COUB is a perfect match for those who want to continue creating short looped videos.
Dmitry Yanin@inyan · Entrepreneur
Excellent and timely decision
Rotem Yakir@rotemthegolfer · Guggy CEO - Make your friends laugh
Evgeny Muravjev@emuravjev · Founder at Must App
Well done!