Vimsy lets you create your own fully-branded video streaming website. You can share your videos with customers and colleagues, you can also track who's been watching your videos with Insights, which is great for training and support videos, you can sell your videos (or a collection of videos) through a one-off payment or a recurring subscription.

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This service is nice and I can imagine this website being used to create a fan site for all Steve Jobs or Kevin Rose videos for example. Also the pricing is good.
@androidlove Thank you Carlos! I would love to see someone make a channel full of Steve Jobs videos - I wouldn't do any work ever again 😄
Could also be very good for bands.
@angus_halen Absolutely, for upcoming artists and musicians.
Tested some of the channels created with Vimsy that you've included on your site (including your Vimsy support channel) on an iPhone 6 and every time I played a video there was no way to exit out of the video pop up. The only way to continue navigating the site is to refresh the page. This is a critical issue imo since it discourages myself from moving onto the next step (which is to create my own channel and test further).
@madebyildi Hi Ildi - I'm really sorry you had that issue! The majority of our traffic so far has been desktops so we've not had that reported to us yet, and I'll admit that I've not been entirely stringent with testing every feature on mobile devices. Lesson learned! I'll make a note for our developers to take a look at that one. Thanks for pointing it out to me!
@rowan_johnson no problem, it should be a simple fix, but an important one, hopefully it's resolved quickly. Great work otherwise, there's a lot of ideas that can be worked out using your platform.
@madebyildi Just thought I'd let you know that we've fixed this issue. Thank you so much for reporting it to me - I probably wouldn't have spotted it otherwise!
@rowan_johnson awesome! Now I can start playing around with my own channel 🙌
Awesome! ...And to prove how easy it is, I just added my newest course on "How to Create the Next Billion-Dollar Startups." Took me less than 30 minutes to set-up. Great work with this platform.
@rossblankenship That's really amazing! I'm so excited to see you do that much with it that quickly. Thank you for sharing! Can you see yourself using Vimsy going forward? Feel free to send me an email if you need any help or advice:
@vimsy @rowan_johnson Looks fairly simple. Could be helpful with SEO too as I see you have some tools there to help with optimization. I usually host my courses on our website ( but your site seems to give solid metrics and with our price point, would be worth it. I hope your team does well. And if you need a case study in a few months, get in touch. Always great helping startups succeed :)
@vimsy @rossblankenship Thanks Ross! I will definitely be in touch. If there's anything I can do to help in the mean time please let me know!
Can you do live streaming with it? So for example use it for webinars, then make the content available?
@nthgergo Hi Gergely, at the moment videos must be hosted on Youtube, Vimeo or Wistia. So, to answer your question, we support live streaming through Youtube ☺️