Vimeo 6.0 for iOS

The app awakens: a completely new Vimeo experience for iOS

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Jon SheldrickLead Product Manager, Mobile @ Vimeo
Hey Everyone, I'm Jon, Lead Product Manager for the mobile team at Vimeo. We're all really excited to share the new version of the app with you. There are so many things that are new in 6.0, but here are the 2 we're most excited about: First is a new focus on exposing content curated by the Vimeo staff to our users. We've added a new Explore page with 16 categories (with granular subcategories under each) that you can follow to get new featured videos in your Feed every day. Our hope is that this exposes users to massive depth and breadth of the the Vimeo content catalog. There are so many amazing videos that get posted every day, and there's only so many you can add to Staff Picks. Categories let our users find amazing content that's relevant to them. Our curation team spent a lot of time determining what Vimeo categories should be. We're not just going for what's popular in the mainstream interwebs. We're focused on the content that makes Vimeo unique and compelling - which resulted in categories like 'Cameras and Techniques', 'Animation', and 'Arts and Design', which trickle down to more granular subcategories like 'Drones and Ariels', 'Music Documentary', 'Projection Mapping', and 'Time Lapse'. Second is a nod to our creators - the backbone of Vimeo. We've rebuilt our mobile upload system, and added lots of creator-focused goodies like enhanced profile editing and more video privacy options. We also made it really easy to share via the app, and rebuilt the player so that your videos look better than ever when you're showing work to clients, or just sharing a personal video with family and friends. We've got a lot more creator-focused features in the pipeline, and we can't wait to share them. Thanks again for checking it out. As always, the 100% human support team at Vimeo loves to hear from our users, so send us your feedback! LOVE, Vimeo
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nipacProduct Owner
@jon_sheldrick I see this update as a big milestone! My feed and Explore section is what I look for in any app I use (those ones based on contents in a way). Let me also add that Playlist section is really useful to me: fast access to Offline video and Watch later list. I'm working as Product Owner for gaming app and what we're doing is quite similar to your new version, in terms of organization of the contents and information structure. Just one comment: to me Upload video icon seems to be too similar to an upload icon for Cloud services and a bit out of the graphic mood you put in the nav bar. My 2 cents :) Thank you very much for sharing this!
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Philip Amour
Senior Product Designer
Great update! Thanks god you guys got rid of the burger menu. This version is much more pleasant to use; however, the interactions are not polished enough so the app doesn't feel responsive to the point where I would painlessly use it on a daily basis. Let me give you an example: it's laborious to close the video view (there's no swipe down/from the edge to go back/dismiss the video), lack of highlighted states don't give users any feedback on what are they tapping on, etc. This version is definitely a step in the right direction tho. Keep it up. ๐Ÿ‘
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Sam Doshi
Co Founder @
Vimeo --- Android needs some love too! Your website is super mob. responsive so it's all good --- nice work - looks great.
Andy Thompson
Product + Art
@samir_doshi we released a completely new Android app two months ago! Check it out here:
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