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Hey Everyone! Co-founder here. Happy to hear your suggestions and feature requests!
Hey @turbahn, this is really great. Nice work. For anyone who lives in one of the available cities, I'd be interested in hearing how accurate the suggestions are. One suggestion on UX. I think the tour has a few too many steps, I skipped it once I saw how long it would take.
@mscccc Thanks for the comment! Regarding our recommendations, we use a combination of objective sources (top restaurants, bars etc) with subjective sources - local experts. These experts are people who grew up in their respective cities and are well traveled enough to know what visitors care about. By giving weight to both data and the "feel" of each neighborhood from these experts, we hope to give really accurate suggestions. Regarding UX, point well taken :)
Villy is one of my favorite products to come out of a startup at the Harvard Innovation Lab, so I wanted to share it with everyone.
Interesting take on planning travel to a major city you are not familiar with.