Protect your home with a VPN router

Vilfo protects all devices in your network by encrypting traffic before it leaves your home. Vilfo supports any VPN provider that has OpenVPN servers.

Almost all functionality can be controlled via API requests. Feel like customising functionality? Check out the REST API.

Vilfo's Intel® Celeron 3215U can handle up to 600 Mbit/s of AES-256-CBC.

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Ever since moving to the US, I have been using the VPN of They add services and access locations on a regular basis, have solid and quick customer service and they are always looking for the next level in privacy protection. Already years ago the team behind OVPN offered a VPN pfSense-based router called OVPNbox. Vilfo is the result of their learning and experience with OVPNbox: a separate and improved product that has low entry for non-techies, while at the same time being very open to the more tech-savvy, EVEN offering REST-API control for almost all functionality. For the people that do not want to dive into the technicalities and are looking for a turn-key solution in in-house online privacy protection, I think that Vilfo is offering a convenient solution.
Great job !! 😊
Are you guys going to make an extension for Safari?
@princeroryroman Yeah, we hope to get it finished in 2-3 months :)

Get ready for a long long long set up process .... I had high hopes, though ended up going back to DD-WRT to manage VPNs


No sure at this point


The setup, configuring, using it, just getting it working