VIITA Watches

Artificially Intelligent fitness coach on your wrist

The next-gen smartwatch that helps you reduce stress, improve performance, and manage your health. Powered by artificial intelligence, VIITA scans your body’s vital signs to calculate your stress level and regeneration status and provides personalized recommendations. Now live on Indiegogo!

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It is still early for ⌚️ smart watches. Love this take on health/fitness + sleek hardware.
A battery life of up to 2 weeks for the VIITA Active (the model with the touch screen) sounds bold. How do you make it happen? Is the heart-rate monitoring on 24/7?
@oliverlukesch Hey Oliver! Thanks for your question. Efficiently written code, focusing on what is important and one of the biggest batteries in a smartwatch make it happen! Heart-rate monitoring is on 24/7!
Sleek design guys, but how does the personalized training recommendation work?
@enrico_bruschini Hey Enrico! Good question: Training recommendations are given based on various inputs such as your vital signs (including the heart rate variability), training history, quality of sleep, etc. The VIITA Watch will recommend you within which heart rate range you should exercise and how intense you should lift weights! cheers
"Studies suggest that high heart rate variability indicates good health and high fitness levels." Sounds like an interesting thing to have in a smartwatch. Did you come up with the models behind this on your own or are you using published research?
@3x14159265 Hi David, interesting question. We have not come up with the positive effect of the HRV ourselves, but we are building on the available research. We have partnered with a company called "Vital Monitor", which has been in the field for a while. We leveraged the HRV to not only measure your stress level and regeneration status, but also provide you with a personalized training recommendation, to make sure you have the perfect work - out intensity.