Automatically update iPhone contact pictures

Automatically update your iPhone contact pictures with one push of a button. Apple should have built this years ago.
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It only checks social accounts that you have saved in your contacts. Since I don’t have instagrams, twitters, and facebooks linked in each individual contact, it found very few to update. After it shows you what it found, you scroll through checking/unchecking the photos you want to update. Then when you finish it asks you to pay $5. It’s fine that it costs this, but 1) communication with the user is poor. 2) it didn’t work (see above) I want to be able to simply link my Facebook. Can’t be too hard and seems like a critical element of a good MVP.


Concept is incredible


Didn’t work for me. Smacks you with paywall a step later than it should.

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I think it purposefully doesn't link/sign into the social networks for privacy reasons. If it knows your contacts' handles, it can "anonymously" get their profile pictures through API calls.
Found this on Twitter, it's amazing, Apple should have built this years ago. I spend a few hours every month updating my contact photos because I hate grey bubbles, but just does it automatically. ✨
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@nickabouzeid I need this for Android big time! (although I may be getting an iPhone just to use EQX ONE)
Good concept, but poor function, only 99 found out of 700
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