Instant crime alerts and live broadcasts, launching in NYC

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Dope - Serious question though! - How do you prevent George Zimmermans? It appears some of the characters went above and beyond the call to action (eye witnesses) and turned into cops, that will be troublesome.
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@otymartin We strongly encourage users to not interfere with a crime or incident– instead to act as a peaceful witness. Also, all of our incidents are 911 reported incidents so there is a police officer already on the way.
We understand the risk profile of Vigilante is unusual for a tech product. The stakes are high, so it was important we tested the product in a closed zone. As of last week we've concluded a 2,000 user trial in Brooklyn where validation of this app occurred on a small scale. Everything from fights being broken up, burglaries being stopped, somebody being saved from a stuck elevator, protection of community, protection of police, and more. The community came together through this app. We have decided to launch this app into NYC today with coverage of all five boroughs. We hope to roll out additional cities in early 2017. More information on our mission can be found here:
Wow, intense video for an app launch. 😳 Super interesting concept that seems fit for a wearable/AR future when everyone's broadcasting 24/7 without having to reach into your pocket.
@rrhoover intense video for sure. Super interesting product. Not sure about empowering vigilante cops/citizen saviours (as the video suggests) The information should be instantaneous/transparent, but do we really want people taking justice into heir own hands?
@rrhoover on the roadmap ;-)
I like the concept of the app but I have to agree with @shaanvp here! I think when people try to take justice into their own hands there is always a higher risk at stake!
Great launch video! How do you deal with the fear of a user thinking he/she is the only one responding or alternatively the risk of not responding as many others are en route?
@jjrichardtang All of the incidents come from the 911 system. Police are en route 100% of the time.
This is super cool, always wanted to build something like this 😊 .