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Bojan Pavic
Bojan PavicMaker@bojanpavic · co-founder, Viggo
Hi everyone, co-founder here! We are a team of two brothers - Davor and Bojan :) With Viggo, you can just put content in the air and make it available to people nearby, for example, in a room, an auditorium, or at a store. Just select the text, link, photo, contact, or document. Tap Share, and that's it. Shared content is instantly available for browsing and downloading to everyone in your Bluetooth LE range. There are no profiles, friendships, followings, or groups and permissions, only content in the air. You can even create a collection, which acts like a folder floating in the air. It is a really simple and natural solution that works the same way whether you share with a few or a hundred. To further limit content availability, you can easily protect it with a password. Viggo is thus introducing a new paradigm in which you only see and manage content in the air around you, where air is like an ad hoc shared resource for collaboration. Everything else is implicitly resolved by the situation itself, and there is no need to recreate it in digital form. To provide such an experience, we’ve merged the contextual features of Bluetooth LE with scalability and the power of cloud technologies, so for example Viggo uses your internet connection for content upload and download. Looking forward to hearing from everyone!