Create minimal one page profile websites for free is a website created for anyone to easily create a profile to showcase their identity on web in 3 steps :-

1. πŸ•΅πŸ» Name your profile & pick a theme.
2. 🎨 Customize your profile.
3. ✨ Create your account by signing up.
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13 Reviews5.0/5 is at the beginning stage of its version. We're working on multiple functions & themes to make it much better. Here're the few example profile websites: It is totally free to create a profile for anyone & that is the purpose of this app, which is getting a profile to anyone on this web without much complications. It is really simple to use, you just need to get used to the way it is used; we're also making it better by pushing updates in almost every day. There are minor bugs on the mobile editor of the application, will be fixed soon. Feel free to get us your feedback on our mail: hello(at)
May I ask what's your major differentiator from websites like I'd say killer themes can make someone switch, but it's a hard sell.
@realromangary Thank you for your sincere feedback. Yes, like I said, this is the first version of this application, we're just giving anyone on the web an easy-to-create profile page websites now; and in the future updates we will include more themes & features which will make this app stand out from and all other competitions.
Nice to see an alternative to carrd. It took less than 1 min to create my profile. Keep up the great work!
@joseph_sunny Thank you! The experience in using the app will get better and better each day.
Great job!!πŸ˜€ Will check it out! Is the of personal names domains free to use?
@ayush_chandra A personal name domain will be as Custom domain support will be available with the premium account which will be out soon. Thank you 😊!
Congratulations on the launch! I love this!!! Can't wait for more version! What i can say is, work with more themes featuring different designers So some of the themes can be use and get paid version. Keep making this!!! Yours sincerely, Fajar Siddiq. Much love from Singapore. Good job Team!!!!
@fajarsiddiq Hey Fajar, Thank you for your feedback and the inspiration which you've shown in the makers community for creating We will keep updating and shape it well day by day.
@akarshc you're most welcome! Keep making! can't wait to see more features and more designs! shape it! and ship it! much love!
@fajarsiddiq Sure, we will try our best making everything better day-by-day ☺