Views on Top

Features the best high-up vantage points across 84 countries

Whether a business or holiday traveler looking for restaurants, rooftop bars and special places with spectacular views, or an adrenaline seeker looking for amazing experiences, this app has something for everyone. And the best part is this: all the photos are hand-picked by the community.
@nikkielizdemere thanks for the support! hope you're you'll add some pics of your fav views
I like the idea, just added a location in my city. Hope more local favorites are coming
@wiktoryia Thx! Please re-submit your suggested location with a pic of the view, we're keen to see and share it!
Great looking app! Love all the beautiful photos.
@stevepyoung thanks! adding more every day :)
Great way to experience a city. Nice app!
@pierreventer thanks, glad you're enjoying it!
I’m so excited to be sharing Views On Top on Product Hunt! I’ve travelled to more than 40 countries over the last 30+ years and whenever I arrive somewhere new, always start by seeking out ‘up-high’ places for the panoramic views and to see where to go next. It’s not always obvious where to go for a good view and I’ve often thought ‘there should be an app for that’, so decided to make it! I now love using the ‘Near Me’ feature whenever I travel and have a long bucket list in ‘Places I Want to Go’. Before launch, I personally researched info and images for hundreds of destinations, starting with the tallest buildings, towers and best lookouts in popular tourist destinations, and then expanding to rooftop bars, adrenaline activities and more amazing places with great views. Views On Top now has over 400 locations across 84 countries. In Views On Top it's easy to add comments and suggest locations. With the goal to have an image of each location and its views, we’re reaching out to travellers, bloggers, destinations and photographers to add images - all of which are curated to be sure they're 'OK'. I’d love to see more places with great views added by our ‘viewsers’. It’s easy to suggest locations (we’ll research the details to add) and once approved, your name appears in the app – check out Sydney Tower and Church of our Saviour in Copenhagen for examples. Please pass on any feedback and I hope you enjoy experiencing the world's top views when you travel!