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Hello Product Hunt! Introducing Viewpost Invoice ( Invoice is a great product for small businesses or anyone who wants to manage their invoices more simply and reliably. I've had the privilege of working on Invoice, so I'd be happy to answer any questions or comments!
Hey @obaidr thanks for the feedback. I'm one of the makers of Viewpost Invoice. Support for other countries is on the backlog and EU support should be available 4th quarter this year.
Looking forward to trying the product! Do you support ACH invoicing?
Good question @ianitucker, Viewpost does support ACH to facilitate payment. You can use either a bank account or a credit card to make payments.
@peteallport Thanks for the help!
Sent this to my friend, she was looking for something like this. Good luck.
Thanks @humidorange let us know of any feedback she might have. We are constantly improving the product and all feedback is valuable!
Can I set other countries as my home country or is it only US? Right now it even says "US" on the final invoice. I think it is very focused on US right now. For a European company many features are missing.
Hey @obaidr, I believe Invoice is geared toward US companies at the moment, however, it's available for anyone to download. #homeIsWhereTheHeartIs
@peteallport yeah true but in order to make business invoices the government here in Germany has a set of rules that every invoice must fulfill. If the invoice is not created with this rules in mind, it is not valid.
@obaidr +1 on the need for a nice invoicing solution in the EU. With tax policy all scrambled over here it's a real hassle.