Figma plugin to set screen sizes with market share in mind

Viewports let you preview display sizes and market share of various viewports present in Apple and Google device lineup! Just select the frames you would like to work with, fire up the plugin, select the display size, and boom! Your mockups are resized!
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Hey, hunters! I'm Denis Rojčyk, currently working as a mobile product designer at But when I'm not designing, I like to tinker with code and build tools around our design process. So when Figma announced their API and plugin support, I immediately knew what to do. When working on mobile or responsive apps, it is crucial to consider smaller viewports. Otherwise, the UI can become very hard to use. This plugin should help you not to forget what is popular outside our social bubbles! While this plugin is not exactly revolutionary, the small added value can make a huge impact on the quality of your deliveries.
Awesome... Would be even better if there was a way to connect it to real Google Analytics data, thus reducing the number of available viewport sizes and only showing the most common ones.
@geirases If I understand it correctly, you would like to connect your own google analytics and see data relevant to your product?
@rojcyk, yes, that's right. Connect to a specific Google Analytics and then it shows the viewports that real users have when they visit your website. Just an idea.