All in one user testing tool for websites on your iOS device

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Heres a sample recording
Straight outta Wales ๐Ÿ™Œ @aexmo told me about this app he had submitted to Apple the other day when Vidyo was released and then removed by Apple within 12 hours. I mentioned Vidyo in my roundup too, Product Hunt Discover Weekly I'll let Alex tell you more :)
Hey @bentossell Shamai! Thanks for the post. Been wanting an app that does this for some time, so when apple released the ability to record the screen for sharing gameplay, I figured I could finally get something working. I think this will be super helpful for UX designers and product owners who need to get feedback on their websites or web apps. Let me know if you have any questions!
@aexmo this sounds super promising! I've just bought it, and looking forward to how it works in the field.
@ernstmul thanks! any feedback gratefully received - early days too and lots of ideas for future releases :)
@aexmo great app for QA! I've been needing a solution like this. Just recorded my first couple sessions and sharing with my team so they can download it now. Thanks for sharing @bentossell !
@aexmo is it possible to record different browsers?
@nickmacario no thats one limitation of ReplayKit but the browser inside Viewport shares the same rendering engine as Safari/Chrome under iOS
Oh and anyone wondering how this is legit when Vidyo got pulled - Viewport uses the standard apple ReplayKit framework and no shady airport spoofing so it's not going anywhere :)
I really really like this!๐Ÿ‘... Do you have to disclose to your users you are recording their interactions (even sounds)?
@dredurr yes thats pretty fundamental I'd say :)