Watch YouTube with random view counts

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Saw Caroline post this on FB and loved the concept of meritocracy behind content. Fun little thing to try out for the afternoon. Maybe more.
Thanks for the post! This project was inspired by the psychology of my own YouTube habits. I spent a whole day watching SNL videos, and I realized I was only clicking on sketches with really high view counts. If a video had only 1000 views or something I was totally uninterested in it. I wanted to remove that aspect of browsing and just be able to enjoy the content of the videos. It's really difficult to not care about internet points, so hopefully this extension will help.
Also, all the code is on github if you're interested!
Love the idea behind this. As a small YouTuber myself, I think YouTube really needs to work on democratized discovery. I've found so many great (small) channels that don't get suggested because they don't have clickbait thumbnails or titles. Thanks, Caroline!