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@alexisohanian - thanks a sweet, maple syrup covered, metric tonne for posting. This is a huge launch day for the team and represents a big step in our vision to create software that enables "Video for All" - everyone is super grateful! A little backstory on Vidyard: We came out of YC in Summer, 2011 and have since been building products that help marketers, sellers, supporters and leaders communicate with their audiences via our favourite medium, video. Many of the products we've built serve the complex needs of Fortune 100's. In the past year or so, we've simplified many of our offerings to make our technology available to smaller businesses and inevitably, individual users. Video should be accessible by all & @Viewed_It is one of the first products we're launching that helps us realize that vision. Will be lurking to answer any questions as they come up, thanks for taking a look!
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@michaellitt @alexisohanian @viewed_it Great tool. I am already promoting it to my readers. Two small things: 1) Is there a maximum recording time? 2) On my first try I got this error: I thought you guys may have liked to know this. (On second try, everything went ok) Keep it up and many compliments for your great tool.
@robingood @alexisohanian @viewed_it - Thx for the feedback Robin! 1) We're currently limiting recording time to 1 hour. We're working on some optimizations to ensure that we can extend this soon. 2) Thx for letting us know about the 503, glad that the software fixed itself (@Viewed_It is basically wolverine). How are you planning on using it?
@michaellitt @alexisohanian @viewed_it Cool. I test and review tools for my readers. is in. I will use also for bug reporting and design feedback on projects. Since I have found a way to also download your final video, I could also use it for short tutorials or demos.
@robingood @viewed_it Looks like we had some issues with one of the dependent services that the ViewedIt share page relies on. We've made some adjustments so this should not happen in the future.
I have followed Vidyard’s journey since their time in YC. They are the pioneers of video marketing and are on a mission to bring video to everyone and advance the way businesses communicate. Today they are launching ViewedIt and I am excited to share what the Vidyard team has built. And I just made this video using it. Pretty nifty.
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@alexisohanian Looks interesting. I wanted to try but the chrome app isn't working on Ghost browser.
Thanks @adithya for comment! Currently ViewedIt is only supported on Google Chrome.
Congrats on the launch! Though this looks extremely similar to Opentest: Any comment there?
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@a13n Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? This seems to be almost an exact copy of Opentest. I'd be curious to hear about any differentiators. What makes this product unique?
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+1. are there any differentiators from Opentest?
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@a13n Hi Andrew, thanks for checking us out! While our Sales team tried Opentest originally and liked the idea, the product didn't exactly fit into their workflow. We saw an opportunity to build a tool that would enable our own team and, we hope, many others to not only record their screen, voice and face, but also: - seamlessly share through email (thumbnail of your last recorded ViewedIt lives inside your Gmail compose window) and - get notified when your videos are being watched. We wanted to make the workflow super simple - Record, Share, Get Notifications. There might be similarities with Opentest on the video recording front, but there is much more that happens after you create a video. You can learn who is watching, how much of your video is consumed and use that feedback to help you create better videos! Also, we launched Vidyard Engage (Vidyard for Gmail & Outlook) earlier this year and received a lot of feedback from our customers that went into creation of ViewedIt.
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I see how it has tangential features that are slightly different but overall looks very similar.
@colleen_b_thomas @a13n Hi Colleen, here are a couple of key differences: - While you can paste the URL to an Openvid video into Gmail (and other places) from your clipboard, ViewedIt inserts a thumbnail image in Gmail that will be a more compelling call to action than a text URL leading to more engaged viewers! - Playback tracking is another big one that only ViewedIt offers. When people watch your video, you get notified how many people Viewed It, and will receive email notifications showing who watched and for how long. Important insights for many customer-facing teams like sales, support and others… - Plus, features like full screen recording, and up to an hour of recording time are all standard out of the box. Send me a ViewedIt video to I'll watch it and you'll get the full product experience. :)
Oh sweet Jesus, this is legitimately the tool I needed about a month ago when we shot a demo of our web dashboard. It was such a pain to set up screen capture sunk to audio, then re-record the audio later to get it working/looking proper. Just gave it a try and it's so easy to record a single tab (was worried it would be full screen only), Camtasia is dead to me. Second thought is this will be super useful for showing current customers where features are, how to use the product, etc.
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@thatmattgardner Hey Matt! So glad to hear this. We have been using ViewedIt for helping customers discover how to use Vidyard platform, so it's a very important use case for us to support. Happy recording, let me know if you have any questions at all! :)
As a product manager who often does QA, I could see myself using this tool to take screen captures of bugs and then adding the video link to the story in Jira/Pivotal Tracker. Sometimes screenshots just don't cut it. Nice work Vidyard team!
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Thanks @kurtis_elliott ! It’s great to hear of all the use cases people plan to use ViewedIt for! We’ve been using ViewedIt internally and I can say as a developer having something more than screenshots is always appreciated :)