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Daryna Kulya
@darynakulya · Product @ Vidyard | Product Hunt TO
Hi Everyone! 👋 Daryna from ViewedIt here. If you signed up for ViewedIt, you probably saw a video from me in your Welcome email. 😄 Wanted to say a huge thank you for all the awesome feedback provided here throughout the day. We are grateful for your comments and so thrilled to hear that you're excited to use ViewedIt. On a personal note, I have been ho… See more
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Michael Litt
@michaellitt · CEO, Vidyard
@alexisohanian - thanks a sweet, maple syrup covered, metric tonne for posting. This is a huge launch day for the team and represents a big step in our vision to create software that enables "Video for All" - everyone is super grateful! A little backstory on Vidyard: We came out of YC in Summer, 2011 and have since been building products that help markete… See more
Alexis Ohanian
@alexisohanian · Co-founder, Reddit & Initialized Capital
I have followed Vidyard’s journey since their time in YC. They are the pioneers of video marketing and are on a mission to bring video to everyone and advance the way businesses communicate. Today they are launching ViewedIt and I am excited to share what the Vidyard team has built. And I just made this video using it. Pretty nifty. https://share.viewedit.… See more
Andrew Rasmussen
@a13n · Founder of Canny
Congrats on the launch! Though this looks extremely similar to Opentest: https://opentest.co. Any comment there?
Matt Gardner
@thatmattgardner · Co-Founder, RouteThis.com
Oh sweet Jesus, this is legitimately the tool I needed about a month ago when we shot a demo of our web dashboard. It was such a pain to set up screen capture sunk to audio, then re-record the audio later to get it working/looking proper. Just gave it a try and it's so easy to record a single tab (was worried it would be full screen only), Camtasia is dead t… See more
Kurtis Elliott
@kurtis_elliott · Head of Product, Zoocasa
As a product manager who often does QA, I could see myself using this tool to take screen captures of bugs and then adding the video link to the story in Jira/Pivotal Tracker. Sometimes screenshots just don't cut it. Nice work Vidyard team!