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@herberttenhave @raultiru can you tell us the story behind viedit? How do you keep an eye on quality? Have you thought of partnering with people like Jukedeck to help streamline some parts? Or have you even thought about how some AI products could help streamline certain parts of your offering or is it strictly a marketplace for others?
@bentossell Hi Ben, absolutely! All movies and editor profiles on Viedit are rated and validated on ownership.
@bentossell Viedit was founded due to a personal experience creating a sports video. We learned that it takes a lot more than just using a GoPro to create a great movie. But it was hard finding the right video editors. Our goal is to create an honest, transparent and worldwide video production platform.
@herberttenhave I have a 20 minute video from my trip to India that took days to put together, and I still can't save it anywhere haha I know the struggles!
@bentossell @herberttenhave Memorable times deserve to be treasured and relived ;)
Hi @bentossell, Thank you for your question. Viedit is centered on the creativity and skills of the movie makers. A great portion of our time goes into getting to know new editors that sign up to ensure their portfolio is real. We've seen it too often that on other movie makers networks, editors sign up and upload movies that are not theirs. Thank you for bringing Jukedeck to our attention. We are always open to partnering with great organizations. That's one of the reasons we are so honored to be part of ProductHunt.
@raultiru yeah I just thought it may be a relevant company to have on your radar :) Great that you spend the time to get to know them!
@bentossell we are well aware that as a platform, we enable value creation, but are not the value providers. We spend a lot of time making sure that processes are optimal for finding the movie maker that fits your need and we help customers communicate their needs as clearly as possible. That's the biggest advantage we have as a vertical over larger platforms like Upwork.
Definetely a valuable product. Do you screen the service providers? The issue we have seen with Upwork and Fiverr is that it is 50/50 in yes of quality.
@erkrvra Good question, thanks for asking! On Viedit ALL movies put on the movie makers profiles are (mostly within 1-2 days) both indexed and rated by our users. In addition, Viedit also guarentees that the moviemaker is the owner of those videos who are hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.