Casual gifting for everyday moments, at the push of a button

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Thanks @erictwillis for liking the product and hunting it. Guys we have started Vidzy beta in San Francisco and some parts of Bay area 15 days back and the response has been fantastic! We have grown organically to 60 gifters and have done gifting worth $1000. The idea is to help people strengthen social ties through casual gifting like Beer, Coffee, Wine etc. Sometimes texting "Congrats" or "Thanks" or "Thinking about you" to friends and colleagues isn't enough. Instead you can actually send them a coffee or beer within few clicks to make them feel special. There are some magical moments while gifting through Vidzy- 1. You need not to know anything more than mobile number of the person you want to gift. No need to know the address, preferred timings or coffee preferences while gifting a coffee. We take care of all of this. 2. You can also add a video message when you send the gift to make it more personal. 3. We personally deliver the gift to make the whole experience delightful. Our happiness agents make sure that the recipient feels special and sends a thank you video message back to the gifter. Go ahead and give it a try! Would love to know your feedback. Guys you can also use the Gift code- 'PRODUCTHUNT' for a 25% off on your first gift. Shh.. we don't give out discount codes, so be quick :-)!
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@rgupta29 @erictwillis This is really cool - can we use it in London yet?! If not, please expand...!
@edrex_ @erictwillis Thanks Ed. We sure would love to... However you can send your friends in SF/Bay area some gifts :)
@rgupta29 That great. Is it available in MP?
@jiten_bansal we have done some beta in Delhi. We will try for other cities soon.
@rgupta29 @erictwillis Hey this is cool! I remember first getting the email about this from you Rabi. Congrats on going public!
This is a super cool and helpful product. I'd like to offer a bit of branding feedback. Seems that the main goal or key interaction is gifting. Maybe the name should reference "gifting" instead of "video" which seems like an optional feature. I'm sure you thought about this a bit. How did you guys land on that decision? Good luck!
@keithbarney thanks for your feedback. yes the reason being we wanted a name that does not sound like gifting. And we liked Vidzy name, also video is an integral part..
@keithbarney I resonate with this too. Even if video is an integral part of the gifting process, some users might want to send a picture as a way of thanking the sender, or just a text response. How about Giftzy? ;)
Using Vidzy you can send casual, on-demand gifts to your friends, colleagues and loved ones everyday. For e.g. Send a coffee, without knowing giftee's address of coffee preferences, and they will deliver the perfect coffee which the giftee likes at her doorstep.
@rgupta29 Amazing product guys. Loved what you are building and trying to bridge the gap between relationships. In this fast moving world, where every body is going through different kind of depression period or being separated from their family and friends. It is a great way for them to get connected again with their close ones and let them smile, which is ultimately giving them positive feelings. Kuddos for your hustle story also!
Have used @Vidzy to send 2-3 gifts in April - a coffee for a hectic day for my partner, wine for a friend's bday and beers to a friend who just did something pretty awesome. Open app > chose a gift > optional video message > chose phone number > done. No hassle of coordinating gift timing, address and zipcodes, location of the person at the delivery time - none of that old school stuff. Love it ....
@rish_says @vidzy good to know your experience Rish. Look forward to more gifting :)