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Beauty of Vidzy is how they sort of combined the good elements from YouTube, Instagram and Vine to deliver a powerful personal video sharing App. The trigger is so clear- share any video on your phone through a short, looping, fun teaser. I realised that no app solves this problem today and if Vidzy can somehow stay on top of my head while recording videos, it can become big. I also liked how they have worked on really small things which matter- notify me about who watched my video (makes too much sense for personal video sharing), a fun profile creation process, colours that give it a young peppy feel. Must try!
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@misbahspeaks thanks for hunting Vidzy. Friends we have made Vidzy through lot of small iterations, talking to people about the gaps in video sharing domain. We realised that surprisingly there is no trigger today to capture and share more and more videos as all the current social platforms like FB, Twitter, Instagram started with something else and then moved on to Videos. Vine is all about fun and YouTube is all about production quality videos. Which leaves a big gap for personal videos we capture everyday. Please download the app and give your feedback. We are working on things like making "Vid" creation process shorter and simpler but in the meantime do upload some of your videos and see how those "view" notifications motivate you :-). Look forward.
@rgupta29 Congrats on launching. It looks like a lot of detail was put into engineering features. I think your challenge is going to be that people don't really want to consume "Personal Videos" simply because people's everyday lives are not that interesting to consume. 95%+ of users in these kinds of apps are going to be consumers, not creators, and generally people consume video to be entertained. The teaser video/GIF might be more entertaining than the longer video itself so you may want to focus on that part.
This is such a dope app. 5-stars! Can kill hours shooting random videos. :) All the best @rgupta29.
@mohitmamoria Thanks Mohit. Please give us your feedback
@rgupta29 I don't own an iPhone yet. :( Checked it out on my friend's iPhone. Will need to spend some more time with the app to provide real good constructive feedback. Let me see if I can borrow someone's iPhone for sometime.
love the product, great work guys!!! i like that you show a kind of preview first (in GIF) and then play the video. Awesome!!!!
@aadikakde Thanks Aaditya. look forward to some awesome videos :)
I love the concept of being able to show bits and pieces of a video (kind of like a gif) and share it with the world. Look forward to hearing how everyone else uses Vidzy.
@abhineetsays Thanks. Yes @Abhineet the idea is to help users quickly recognise a video and watch the full video if interested. Helps in super quick decision making. We have also made an interesting way to describe your video through a quick 10 sec voiceover. Check it out,
@rgupta29 Oh yes, I do like the ability to add voice overs.
For friends coming to Techcrunch Disrupt tomorrow, do not forget to claim your "passionately curious" Tshirt from Vidzy booth. See you.