Record your iPhone screen without jailbreaking it

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Actually using QuickTime on mac and connect iPhone to mac through usb lightening cable can also record iPhone screen
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@chan0123 ya wonder why you'd need this app...seems redundant.
@thejeremycarson @chan0123 when you do not have a Mac :)
hurry! i get a feel Apple will remove that one [update (12h later)]: Gone! Thanks Apple!
@ourielohayon nice find! Have you tried it yet? I wish there was an easy way to create GIFs of my display, directly from my phone. Maybe we can see this in v2. 😀
@rrhoover @ourielohayon yeah. works nice. but expensive app!
@rrhoover @ourielohayon You could record using Vidyo and then take that video file into an app such as GifLab (believe there is a watermark in the bottom right though unless you pay for it...)
@ourielohayon Noooo - I just got the notifications of your post from Product Hunt about this 6 minutes ago and Apple already took it down :( This would have been great!
@jeng24 @ourielohayon i became a specialist in spotting apps that get removed by Apple :(
Just to be clear, as of Jan 7th 2016 at 10am this is removed from the App Store.
Awesome product.... :) :)
I would love to try it out and use it as part of my everyday workflow (I currently use Screenflow to capture video on my iPhone), but a bit wary of dropping $5 for an app that might be rendered obsolete by Apple (if assuming what Ouriel is saying is correct.)