Insert movie clips into iMessage convos.

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 20, 2015
I have way too much fun with this. Why send a grainy GIF with no sound when you can send a short video? There's a bunch to choose from in app or you can trim 10 seconds from any Youtube video.
We're excited to be on Product Hunt! Thanks for helping us get the word out. Just a warning, after using VidSpace you will feel like you're back in 1999 when you open up your favorite GIF sharing app. Our database is full of nothing but HD quality videos that can be used anywhere you want. If you can't find the clip you're looking for, you can trim your own 10 second clip from YouTube, meaning you will never not be able to find the clip you want to use. Enjoy :)
what inspired you guys to make this app?
We were always looking for ways to send our favorite parts of movies to our friends. Eventually we realized that there was a better way to send any video content in general as a means of communication. More to come in our next update.
@christoph_wein Are the downloaded videos stored on the device? Meaning, will that fill up that "documents & data" category in the phone?
@natemhanson yes it does. But the in app platform will be coming in the next few weeks which will solve that problem.