Hybrid of 'Video Agency' and 'Online Marketplace' for videos

Started as a Blog to feature prominent filmmakers, it has now become a global market place for Organizations to create videos easily & efficiently with the help of technology and Agency like assistance
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I always wanted to combine Filmmaking, Technology and Entrepreneurship and Vidsaga is what I have managed to create so far in this pursuit. Started as a Blog to feature prominent filmmakers, I built a community of 200+ video creators. Once we realised this, we first converted it into a marketplace for India and now revamped it (with video specific decision making and project management tools) to make it a global market place. The idea is to help Organizations with anything related to "Video" be it video creation or video analytics, video marketing, DIY video tools, video creation education etc. At the same time help video creators in getting global work opportunities and monetize their talent. I invite you to check the platform and provide me your honest feedback/ comments/ suggestions.
How is it different from Upwork?
Hi @uddipta_ghosh, First of all Thanks for going through our platfor,! Our aim is to create a platform which could help in all video related things - like with marketing tools, analytics, hosting etc. To start with we focused on creation part and so currently it looks like Upwork/ Fiverr. But what we have done is that we have added certain video specific tools like video project management, price calculator etc to drive decision making and efficiency for Organizations. From video creators point of view, Upwork charges for every bid credit irrespective of Client takes any action or not. So what we have done is that we count only those project's bid credits on which clients has closed through platform. This makes platform more friendly for video creators Would like to know your feedback/ comments on above differentiation.
There are too many freelance websites. I don't make videos because it's so expensive. Any chance we can get videos made comparatively cheap?
Hi, @ramanuj_mukherjee, Thanks for going through the website. Yes video as a content is more expensive than other form of content. You can only get a competitive price if global effect comes in the picture and thats what we are trying to do. So to answer your question, you can get best price than other sources
What is the expected time for a video completion on this platform ?
@prachi_jain2 Generally it takes 2-4 weeks