The easiest and fastest way to make an explainer video.

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Nice idea...the glaring typo on the first image though is more than a little distracting
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@joelle_writes I was thinking ... maybe its something clever that we are not getting?
@joelle_writes yea, it kind of invalidates the product for me a little
@cwrichardkim my thoughts exactly...I was not sure where they were going with this, perhaps demonstrating context aware autocorrect? Alas I think it's just a typo.
@joelle_writes @cwrichardkim Really? People make typos all the time, doesn't mean their product is bad. May indicate a lower level of fit and finish but it also could indicate they are dedicated to launching quick. :)
I was surprised that this site didn't have a prominent explainer video.
I like how there are more and more products that give people the power to help them with building an mvp (and thus an explainer video) - wonder how easy it is to use this on your ipad..
really cool idea. any plans for an online/osx version?
Cool idea. Odd that the website looks like it's trying to be responsive but still looks like a full-web view (note - I am on iPhone)
@freeosin I am on the iphone too and I think the ipad image (class=cover) is messing it up