Analytics and recommendations for all videos on your site

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Vidpulse provides real-time analytics and content recommendations for all videos on a site.

It works seamlessly with 3rd-party video embeds:






as well as self-hosted videos



-JW Player


To get started, just add our script to your site's header. That's all!

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Alex Papaspiridis
Alex PapaspiridisMaker@papaspiridis · Founder, reEmbed
Hi Product Hunt! I'm Alex, the founder of Vidpulse. Thank you @bramk for hunting us! We were developing a custom video player for publishers that worked with embeds (@reembed) when we realized that publishers have no idea on how embedded videos perform on their site. They had an idea on how many users visited the page, but could not tell if anyone watched the video and how much they watched. Furthermore, once the video ended, all the recommendations were of videos that had nothing to do with the website. Based on this, we created Vidpulse. By adding a single script to the header of your page, Vidpulse will automatically find any videos and start tracking their performance in real time. From our dashboard, you will be able to find out how many users are watching and which videos are the most popular. The metrics we track for each video are (Loads, Plays, Completes, and time watched). Furthermore, we help websites increase user engagement by displaying personalized recommendations once the video ends. These recommendations are automatically generated based on the data we have collected and all link to other pages on the website. We have created a special page for Product Hunt users where you can add your website and we will quickly scan it and provide you with a report on the videos we found and if any of those are broken. I would be delighted to hear your feedback and to answer any questions that you may have about our service. Sincerely, Alex