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Thanks for hunting Greig @1greigcranfield Hello community, here's who we are and why do we exist :-) Please leave you comment or question, they are more than welcome and we'll be here to answer. Thanks ****************************************************************************** Who we are: We’re a small team of marketers, writers, and developers who came together to improve how content marketing is done today. We’re doing this by bringing video into the mix without users requiring any production or videography expertise. Why we exist: Vidooya started as an internal experiment… As part of our lead generation efforts, we saw how much better video content was working for us (compared to text posts) in terms of engagement and clicks/redirects. Unfortunately repurposing our existing and new content into video cost us a fortune. We also grew tired of dealing with video producers for every project. We hired an external development team to complement our in-house staff and after some months created an app to turn text posts into video. It also included, text-to-voice, along with image and footage APIs. Easy distribution also was another one of the core features built-in to the system. After using it for a bit we remembered the reason why we started the effort; it was to help us grow our email lists faster and to maximize our lead generation. That’s when we knew that if we incorporated email opt-ins and clickable links into the videos themselves to create a robust marketing automation module, we had the complete solution for startups and marketing teams as well. Some things you can do with Vidooya: • Convert text posts into video in 3 easy steps • Additional Users & Many Videos/Month • Premium Media and Music Libraries for Free • Text to Voice (Human or TTS) • Include Your Branding & Messages • Video Distribution & Video Promotion • In-Video Lead Gen & Marketing Automation • Video Sitemap & Video Ranking (SEO) • Content Analytics • More, Plus a Great Product Roadmap How easy is it to re-purpose to video? See the "Create" video Where are we going: To infinity and beyond! Our Ask: · We ask that you PLEASE SHARE your LOVE in any/every way you can :-) · Our subscriptions are packed with features you probably need. · We have a nice discount for Product Hunt users, plus you can try Vidooya free for seven days. · These subscription prices and discounts are ONLY as part of our early launch efforts. · Feel free to leave any general questions or comments for the team below. If you need technical assistance, send a note to Thanks a million; we’ll forever appreciate your backing!
Vidooya helps marketers convert their text posts into engaging videos in 3-Easy Steps. I think this product is such a handy tool if you have a tun of blog posts and content that you want to reposition as video. Especially if you have audiences speaking different languages. Well worth checking out.
@avdielcano I'm really impressed with the narration used on the sample videos incredibly realistic. Is this an actual voice option in the app? Is this a real human voice reading the text or text to voice?
@tjwise_ Hey TJ, thanks for the validation; appreciate it! Yes, that's one of the options on the app; this one is real voice narration... You have the options of TTS (text-to-speech) and Human Voice. Did you see the video on how easy it is to create the videos? what did you think about that, please let me know ;)
@avdielcano Yes, seems super simple. I love the drag and drop image/video into the text for syncing image and narration timing. Questions: 1. Is real voice narration part of the package price or is it an upcharge? 2. What is the PH promo? It seems to be the same price when I go direct to URL. 3. Can you help me understand why you chose the subscription package you did. The tiers seem so out of scale and punitive for the smaller businesses. $39/mo for 1 user/20 videos where the Pro is $59/mo for 5/users 50 videos + marketing automation, analytics branding etc. Small businesses need love and automation as well! Mabe even more than bigger ones. As a small business, I'd like to see $39/mo for 1 user/20 videos + marketing automation, analytics branding etc.
@tjwise_ Great to hear about your love for the drag and drop. Since we're marketers and created Vidooya for Marketers and StartUps, we did it a bit different and got rid of the "infamous" timeline for video creation. We figure that the main part is our content, so that should be the guide, so just drop the images and footage where you want them according to the text and you simplify the creation a lot ;) Answers: 1. The set-up for human voice is part of the package but the actual narration is based on credits. Note: We have reached very partnerships with voice-over actors based on the expected volume and the regular video will be about 10 extra credits; once you sign up you'll see the credit packages. 2. The PH page is a mirror of the main page LOL only with the PH banner on top; we haven't done a proper launch yet and PH is it for now; our proposed general price $59/$95 compared to $39/$59; so the PHers launch price is for only for a few days. 3. I see you point, but as per the above, our prices are much higher, also even at the $59/m level Vidooya is very good for any small business; we can help you replace a few different services you're already paying for, so when you bundle it, you'll see the advantages.
@avdielcano Excited to try it out. When I login it takes me to the pricing/subscription page with this url: I don't see any access to the actual app here. Video:
@tjwise_ Hey TJ, I think I Know Why, really simple... Can you please send me a message "From TJ" to Thanks
I get the video creation part, but how do you help with lead generation?
@charles_costa - Well, that’s one of the most important things with Vidooya… We allow you to include email opt-ins and lead magnets right inside your video so that you can capture information at the right time. The collected emails automatically go to your favorite email provider and into the list of your choice. You can also use our marketing automation module to set up complete marketing campaigns including email sequences/follow-ups, lead scoring and much more. Let me know if you want some more info on this. Thanks for your validation!
Hi Why there is no free plan to try the product ?
@hussein_shtia OK, I see that it'll be better to explain the flow and avoid confusion. 1. You click from the home page and go to the price page 2. On the price page you input name and email and you go to PayPal to create a subscription with the first 7 days FREE (no charge) 3. Then you should get sent to the app itself where you're greeted by a tour to help create your first "dummy" video (just follow the steps and you'll be fine). Why do you need to sign up for a subscription with PayPal/Credit Card??? Yes, the first 7 days of Vidooya are free. We ask for a subscription to allow your membership to continue should you keep your account open. This prevents any interruption of the features to your account. Creating a subscription also allows us to reduce fraud and to limit customers to one free trial. Your credit card/PayPal will not be charged at any point during your 7-day trial. After your 7-day trial, you will be charged for each month/year thereafter. If for any reason you decide that Vidooya isn't for a good fit at the moment, you can cancel anytime, both during and/or after your trial. Did you see the price we have for you during this launch? It will never change, as long as you keep your subscription.