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Hey everyone, this is Alex, the founder of VidMob. We realized last year that almost every person we knew shared a problem with us – we were all accumulating tons of little video clips (and photos) on our phones, GoPro’s and other devices, but had no time or no idea how to turn that raw media into something worth sharing. Or something worth preserving. Individually, the clips were kind of worthless. And while we have become very good at capturing media, we’re not very good at turning those raw assets into something memorable. Similarly, we realized that many other businesses faced a similar issue, and needed to be able to affordably create a steady stream of video content for their Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. They didn’t need a single commercial that they could run for a year, they needed Monday’s video, and Tuesday’s video…ad infinitum. Most businesses we talked to were lost about how deal with this new reality affordably. But there are lots of people around the country who do know how to edit, and many of them are looking for extra work. And so we built VidMob – a mobile marketplace that makes it as easy to get a professionally edited video as it is to get a car on Uber. We think you'll be amazed at the power of the platform. And remember, every video you get made creates a job for some editor in the US. Here's a promo code for the PH community to get 20% off of any video they create between now and the end of the year. Just enter "PH20". We're looking forward to hearing your feedback. We think we're on to something here, but we recognize it's early and we have a long way to go to fully realize our vision. Thanks!
Added to my collection "For video lovers" ;-)
Google photos might win here with its auto creation of movies and gifs etc
@mikeeshattuck Fair point. And we think the Google product is great. But we think pretty much every business, and many consumers, are going to want something a little more personal. The algorithmic editors are great for certain things, but they fail miserably at others.
Love this idea. I'm sure to find use for this, bookmarking now!
Very cool. Have you considered the economics around having a video editor on staff vs acting as a middleman?