Surprise group videos made easy

VidHug makes it a piece of cake to surprise a loved one with a beautiful video montage of messages from their friends & family on any special occasion!

What started as a "MVP created for my mom's 70th b-day", became a side project, and is now a startup! My favourite part of this journey is seeing VidHug deliver joy to people around the world! πŸ€—β€οΈ

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Hi everyone! Maker of VidHug here, thanks for checking it out πŸ˜ƒ I built VidHug because I wanted to take a process that required a lot of time, technical skills, and a decent computer, but often delivered beautiful and heart-warming results, and open it up to anyone with the desire to give an emotional & meaningful gift. Now you simply take a few seconds to describe the occasion, invite people in with a unique link, they seamlessly submit videos from any device (so easy, many senior citizens have done it!), and VidHug automagically compiles the montage for you when you're ready! It makes the perfect surprise for many special occasions, but especially when the family & friends are spread out geographically and unable to get together, as is so often the case these days. We're small and completely bootstrapped. It's been a labour of love in many ways. Knowing that it's delivering smiles around the world for birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, bat mitzvahs, new babies, and more (I could go on and on) is the most rewarding part! We love talking to customers (prospective or existing!) and are constantly looking to improve the VidHug experience. Thanks again and we hope you'll give us a try for your next surprise πŸ€—β€οΈ(in fact, use promo code PRODUCTHUNT for 20% off!)

This was a priceless gift that our mom continues to watch well past her birthday :) thank you.


Very easy to use and collect videos, I was impressed that our grampa was able to upload a video without asking for any tech support.


Would be awesome to be able to add text/photos

Thanks so much! The ability to add photos and text (and have them interspersed with the videos) is very much on the roadmap!

I tried VidHug and I love it. It's simple to use and the best birthday present I've ever seen.


Easy to use



Wow, thank you! ❀️
Nice work Zamir πŸ˜ƒ My sister loves making these types of videos for people's birthdays, but she does all the video editing and stitching herself, and it takes her forever. This seems like it would save her a ton of time and effort.
@daviswbaer Thanks so much! That's exactly why I created it; to make it convenient and open up the possibility to others πŸ˜„
We used VidHug to make a birthday video for my brother, people from across the country contributed, with various abilities and computer skill sets - everyone loved it! My brother still talks about it. I loved how easy it was to send a meaningful gift from afar.