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#5 Product of the MonthJune 2015



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Sameer Noorani@sameernoorani · CEO, Roomvine
How is it free? The first three videos redirect me to shutterstock where they are all priced.
Tom LimbMaker@thetomlimb · Founder at
@sameernoorani those are sponsored results - they are marked with a star - everything else on the site is free (currently over 4000 clips)
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Completely free HD stock footage and motion graphics for any project. Royalty free library currently contains over 2700 HD clips and new stock video clips are added every week.
Rehat Kathuria@rehatkat · iOS Developer
Great find. I've currently been using - - and - - for these needs and whilst they both have their pros and cons, this seems like it lands in between the two. Both free with also a high selection!
Eddie Pratt@prattarazzi · Product Manager,
Hey @kwdinc, thanks for sharing! - Nice to see high quality video and motion graphics for free - well the social share prior to download is the price you pay. But hey, the content seems really good. Who wouldn't want to do a quick share to get some good content? - Content seems to be tagged and categorised well for easy discovery, with similar types of clips displayed for further ideas. - I like the way they allow you to financially donate to some content producers with a donate button. - Having mini-previews of video whilst hovering over thumbnails could be a nice feature to quickly work out if a clip is useful, rather than having to click into each clip to preview, click back out, and then click into the next clip - I tried to login using Facebook. This integration lets you choose whether you provide your email address. If you choose not too (like me), I seemed to break the system with a white screen and 'wrong email' displayed in the top left at this URL ( Tried to join again with Facebook, but stuck with the problem.
Tom LimbMaker@thetomlimb · Founder at
@prattarazzi thanks for the feedback :-) the Facebook login bug is one we have missed, so thanks for pointing that out - are you able to login using the other methods? Like the idea of video previews over thumbnails, would be a big improvement if we could get this to work smoothly
Eddie Pratt@prattarazzi · Product Manager,
@thetomlimb @prattarazzi Hey Tom, I'll try with a different login method.
Eddie Pratt@prattarazzi · Product Manager,
@thetomlimb @prattarazzi Hey Tom, tried with Google login, but I'm getting something saying 'Open ID 2.0 for Google Accounts has gone away.' Seems like you might need to update your Google integration. Tried and succeeded by creating username/password instead.
Tom LimbMaker@thetomlimb · Founder at
@prattarazzi Oh no! Okay looks like we need to look into this too - thanks a lot for letting me know
Bruno JosephPro@3runjo · Co-Founder of Pexels