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VideoWiki is a free multi-media encyclopedia that visualizes the sum of all human knowledge. Anyone, including you, can edit an article without even logging in.

This Beta version was launched without any front end work done on it and without the Auto-Update feature.

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I've always considered YouTube as the visual Wikipedia, so it's interesting to see something exist which acts as a more direct solution.
@kleinkleinklein : YouTube is my go too visual source too. However, YouTube ends up being a subjective opinion about everything while VideoWiki, being based on Wikipedia becomes an objective, neutral and verifiable source of visual information :)
@pratik_shetty Not to mention the ability to edit. Let's see!
@kleinkleinklein : Haha, I forgot about that. That was supposed to be our USP :P
It's 2017! We can stream 4k videos on YouTube, yet, we don't have a basic video version of Wikipedia. Why is that? Glad you asked :) Building a multi-media encyclopedia was considered IMPOSSIBLE because videos once uploaded on the internet cannot be edited again, and Wikipedia relies on constantly being edited and updated. We just proved that building a collaborative multi-media encyclopedia is not only technically possible but fun too. Anyone, including you, can edit any article right now, without even having to log in. You can edit any article easily, by using our Drag and Drop UI. In the future, where more of our interaction with technology is through IMAGES, VIDEOS, and soon Augmented Realty & Virtual Reality, a multi-media encyclopedia becomes a natural evolution of a text-based encyclopedia. So play around the Beta, let me know your thoughts DOWN BELOW and if there is any particular feature you would like to see in the official release of VideoWiki. (Playback rate to control the speed of narration is the most requested feature yet) P.S – VideoWiki Beta is currently supported on Chrome desktop browser only.
Interesting idea. The design definitely needs some work though. Also the page has no title so it just shows the full domain. Also I think Wikipedia might have some issues with the domain being called 'videowikipedia' when it has no association with Wikipedia, and the site is actually called 'VideoWiki'.
@benbristowuk : Good points :) 1. We used a FREE and open source icon as our logo. That is a good indicator on how much time, money and energy we spent on front end design on the Beta release :P 2. We are currently not affiliated with Wikimedia Foundation (the non-profit that hosts Wikipedia). However, we are looking to join them and truly create a unique social enterprise. You would be interested in knowing the impact of VideoWiki on Wikipedia (made a cliche Medium post on it) -
Maybe you can use your service to look up "Qwiki"
@evankimbrell : Glad to know someone here is aware of Qwiki. :) 1. Qwiki was bought by Yahoo for $50 Million and the product was discontinued. 2. Qwiki was neither editable, nor continuously update-able. 3. Qwiki only provided 1 minute summary of an article. It couldn't show the entire article. 4. Qwiki lacked "Interactive Videos" - The ability to move in the video based on the clicking on the index.
Cool idea, might be a rough diamond :D
@plainavertailu : love the analogy :D VideoWiki Version 1 will be a more polished diamond. I promise you that ;)