Save videos from YouTube and Vimeo. View them later.

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Hey PH! This is an MVP we released to gauge interest in a specialized watch-it-later service. I've been using it for a couple weeks now and I've found some interesting behavioral changes: * I'm no longer worried about watching a video sent to me at work and looking like I'm not working (saved it for later) * I'm taking chances on more video and related video because I like the experience of viewing on I'm most interested to see if people think they'd use this product and how they handle videos sent to them that they don't have time to watch in the moment. We did some research and its a problem, but is it a problem people want/need to solve? ** FYI: Doesn't work as well on mobile at the moment. (we know, we know!)
If you want to do this sort of thing locally and are familiar with the command line, check out (It's also available in Homebrew)
If you already use Plex they have a bookmarklet which does something similar