Fast paced movies from hundreds of videos & photos in 1 tap

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Hey Product Hunt! We're two independent app developers and we've just released VideoSlam. We noticed that we had a lot of videos and photos just sitting on our phones. Editing takes time, crafting stories takes time and is hard! That’s why we built VideoSlam. It lets you grab hours, days, weeks or months of video and/or photos at a time, in a single tap. Your footage is instantly and automatically edited into a fast paced movie, like a flashback. You can adjust the movie’s pace and select themes to add time, date, location. What’s sitting on our roll is kind of the documentary of our life - there’s a bigger story there that no sane person has time to edit together. The fast pace and making the films based on a time period or an album makes all the fragments into a story. It makes it fun to watch, whether it’s just the last hour at an event or some mega fast flashback of our years! We’re hearing from travellers, web series makers and social media managers that VideoSlam is great for sharing trips on social media, behind the scenes, recaps of events, trailers etc. Thanks to everyone who has helped along the way. Mei and I will be around to answer any questions! Curious what you do with your photos and videos on your phone, or whether there’s anyone out there shooting stuff!
VideoSlam is awesome! I just returned from my trip to Tokyo, and used VideoSlam to make some videos of all my photos/videos while I was on the flight home. It's so much fun and really easy! I highly recommend checking it out :)
Hi PH! I'm one of the makers of VideoSlam. Happy to take questions! Thanks @se and @stringstory for adding us.
Well done Mei and Adriaan! This is fantastic. Any plans for an Android release?
@austin_kotting Not yet, we've had requests though! We're just looking to refine the experience on iOS first. Thanks!