Connect clickable web content to specific moments in videos

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As a blogger, I like the ability to reference background information with links and this is much harder to do within videos, which is why I think videopath has an interesting product.
Seems to have utility for educational material
Hello! I am Anna Rose, CEO and co-founder of Videopath Videopath is a video application that lets users connect web content directly to specific moments in a video. The result is an easy to use, customisable HTML5 video player that plays on all browsers and all mobile devices. With Videopath, curious viewers can find out more about a topic, without ever leaving the video player. My co-founder David Scharf and I built this product with the intention of changing the way users navigate between video and web online. Instead of having a video player sit in a website, we decided to bring the web into video. We would love to hear your feedback about our product!
@annarrose This looks awesome but I can't get your demo video to work on mobile (iOS).