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barrystamosMaker@barrystamos · CEO & Co-Founder @ VIDEOO
I’m Barry Stamos CEO @ Videoo and we’d love to get your feedback! We’ve just released some exciting updates to our platform that help to organize the billions of social videos that exist across the various apps, sites and social networks… Here’s a bit of background: Videoo enables anyone to seamlessly connect video content from Videoo, Instagram, Twitter and Vine into a single playlist experience in real-time. Videoo leverages user engagement like “boosting” to algorithmically bring the best content to the top (e.g., like Reddit's front page, but for video content organized by hashtags in a single dynamic playlist) Videoo makes social video a lot more social–rather than passively watching videos with a YouTube, Vimeo or Brightcove player, now anyone can add their videos directly into a Videoo playlist using the "ADD YOUR VIDEO" button to become part of the experience too. Check out this pilot that we’re doing with The Huffington Post and Clorox:
Guy Gal
Guy GalHunter@deleted-6211 · Growth at Joyus
Met the founders a short while ago: @barrystamos They just launched the Bob Marley 1 Love campaign on their player. Videoo enables anyone to seamlessly connect video content from Videoo, Instagram, Twitter and Vine into a single playlist experience in real-time. Here's a cool live example from Coachella with thousands of clips: (...or try searching for any trending hashtag).
Benjamin Bittman
Benjamin BittmanMaker@benjaminbittman · Consultant, Marketer, Tech Entrepreneur
@barrystamos @guygal Thanks for the #Share1Love shout out. If you’d like to test drive our tech and help raise money for a great cause (on our dime), please visit We’ve partnered with The Bob Marley family to unite the world through acts of love and raise money for charity: water to bring safe, clean drinking water to those in need. All you have to do is upload a video and we'll donate $1 on your behalf. People from 211 countries have already participated including celebrities like Richard Branson and Jason Mraz so we’re hoping this movement will become the next "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” in 2015!
Brandon Evans
Brandon Evans@brandone · CEO, Founder of Lifehack Labs
Great product from an amazing team. They seem to have some amazing traction lately. Definitely a missing piece in the social meets video world.
barrystamosMaker@barrystamos · CEO & Co-Founder @ VIDEOO
@brandone Thanks, Brandon! Videoo was created by artists and innovators to make social video more social. I'm proud of the team and honestly believe our best has yet to come. It's time tech enables mass collaboration (especially between brands, media, social influencers and amateurs - user-generated content). We aspire to ‘complete’ where others ‘compete’!
Daehee Park
Daehee Park@daehee · Co-founder, Tuft & Needle
Congrats @barrystamos and team! Really impressive traction and tie-in with social campaigns. Keep up the great work.
Jamie Turner
Jamie Turner@jrturner1234 · Product Manager (Independent)
@barrystamos Looks interesting. Is it possible for publishers to inject pre-roll ads?