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Ben WongMaker@bencwong · codeveloper, @wordswag & @videohance
Thanks so much for the add, PH! Four years ago I bought a Mac Pro and thousands of $$'s worth of software so I could perform color correction and add effects to indie films my friends and I were making. This past year I stumbled upon GPU Image by @bradlarson, a real-time effects engine for iOS. It inspired the question: could we build a real-time video adjustment and layer effects app for iOS? An app that could replace my Mac and high-end software 90% of the time? After lots of late nights and hair-pulling, we launched Videohance in May. I'd love to hear what you think. It's still a work in progress; we're hoping to update soon with much-needed capabilities like HD export, and keep updating with features you want.
rsweetland@rsweetland · Co-Founder, FollowUpThen
@bencwong Just bought it! Beautifuly done. Exceeded my expectations. This may not be your use-case, but I was initially thinking I could use it to make a product demo. For this purpose, a text overlay layer would be nice. Also, if there was an option to cross-fade between clips (so someone could transition a blurry shot to come into focus, etc) that would be awesome.
Ben WongMaker@bencwong · codeveloper, @wordswag & @videohance
@rsweetland appreciate it, thanks! Great suggestions. We're actually including a cross-fade option in the next update. The UI for text overlays is something we're working on and hope to add later as well.
rsweetland@rsweetland · Co-Founder, FollowUpThen
@bencwong Nice!
Joe Scannell@joe_scannell · Technical Project Manager, Edelman
This looks awesome. I was very disappointed with the options available on Instagram video. This looks like a great alternative. Looking forward to playing around with it a bit. I could see this being used a lot in digital agencies.
Mikee Shattuck@mikee_shattuck · Creative Marketing Consultant