A simple video maker app for your business

Makes it quick + simple to create all types of videos - ads, tips, tutorials -- anything, really!
- Enjoy tons of templates and a Getty Images clip library
- Format videos for all social platforms
- Awesome but simple customization and editing features
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11 Reviews5.0/5
Hey Product Hunters! I'm Racheli, from the VideoBoost Customer Experience Team and I'm here to help you get to know the app that's helping SMB's boost their brands with amazing video content! The Boost Team is super passionate about helping SMB's Boost their brands. Don't wait any longer, download VideoBoost and let us know what you think! Don't be shy! We'll be here all day to answer your questions about the app and Boosting your business!
@racheli_from_pixaloop Isn't this the same app that was called Swish? I felt it was priced a bit high hence I skipped using? And discounts or vouchers for Product Hunters who might consider it now?
@racheli_from_pixaloop Love the app, Racheli! Intuitive and clean. I tried the free version. Are you guys planning to add the option to make videos longer than 17 seconds?
@erikemanuelli Thanks for the support. So glad to hear you're enjoying the app! You can already extend the length of a Template! Simply tap Scenes on the bottom Toolbar > tap the +add sign. The average, maximum length is approximately 1 min. Enjoy!
This is indeed the app formerly known as Swish. We recently rebranded which includes a new name and logo! It also includes our most request feature- the ability to add more than one image/video in a single Template. We don't have promo codes at this time- apologies but we hope you enjoy the free version!
I've been using this since the "Swish" days and I have to say - this app is saving my a**. Nobody clicks on anything anymore unless it's moving on the screen!
@amirromi2 You're totally right Amir! So glad Videoboost (formerly known as Swish) is making your life easier!
I know how busy we are. I've made several of my own videos, designs, etc. over the past year and while I've enjoyed the creative process, it's EXTREMELY time consuming. Anything that helps me to create quality video content while saving me time is an asset.
@mrsdeegee That was our goal Dana! We're hoping VideoBoost and the entire Boost Suite will help you create engaging and unique content, faster!
Really Great product!