VideoAmigo: Vital Statistics

Study any social media channel against category competitors

VideoAmigo's Vital Statistics is for Brands, Agencies, Creators, and Fans!

Brands/agencies: get unbiased, quantitative data on tens of millions of influencers.

Creators/fans: put any YouTube channel in perspective by seeing it compared to others in the same content category.

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I’m Stacy from VideoAmigo, proudly introducing our FREE Vital Statistics tool to Product Hunt. We initially built Vital Statistics for our own use but when we shared it with our Brand and Agency clients and the Influencers we hire for them, we quickly realized that we had a product with wide appeal. With this latest version, we’re making Vital Statistic available to everyone: Brands, Agencies, Creators, and Fans. How are we different than the handful of companies reporting basic numbers from the YouTube API and other social media APIs? They tend to just repackage the data… which means from a marketing standpoint, it’s all devoid of insight. The key to the missing insights was an inability to compare niche channels with other channels that were (are) a part of their specific conversations, for example, knitters to knitters, beers to beers, and comedians to comedians. What VideoAmigo provides is the ability to finally know how any channel ranks vs. other “like” channels in the same content category, and how a channel can improve. Our database has virtually every YouTube channel, and more importantly, we’ve profiled channels across more than 5,500 categories to reveal actionable marketing insights. VideoAmigo ( is the world's largest public social media database and analytic platform for social creators and brands with free self-serve tools that help users Rise Above Your Rivals®. Please let me know if you have questions or feedback about the VideoAmigo Vital Statistics tool. I’d love to hear what the Product Hunt tribe thinks of it!
@cityg1rl Great to see this - I note that it picks up the YouTube information initially and you have to create an account to see other social channels - is that also free as the headline says the tool for any social channel? In the meantime I have added you to my curations.
@krishnade Awesome! Thank you for checking us out. YES! Creating an account is totally free and unlocks details and functionality on Vital Statistics as well as on other VideoAmigo products. If you have any other questions or comments, please let me know. Cheers!
@cityg1rl That is terrific - what's the best way to contact you directly as I wonder if you would like to join me on a podcast or live video to discuss your platform? My audience is marketing, comms and media pros - my site is at to give you an idea of the content I post. Thanks