Video Teleprompter

A teleprompter app for iPhone/iPad, with built in camera

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Simon Cave
Simon Cave@simooncave · Community Manager
Nice little tool :) I'll probably buy it in a couple of months
Danny Espinoza
Danny Espinoza@abcdannye · Founder @looksyvideo
Love this! One thing you may want to watch out for "TelePrompTer" is a registered trademark, so if you start to get traction they may notice. You may want to start thinking of other names just to be safe.
Joe Allen
Joe AllenMaker@joeallenpro · Founder, JoeAllenPro
@dannyjespinoza Thanks Danny! I've been aware of the "TelePrompTer" trademark... They actually went out of business in 1981, and the general term "teleprompter" has since become so generic that I'm confident using it. There are a few specifics that very much are protected such as "Autocue" for example. :) Thanks for checking it out! :)
Danny Espinoza
Danny Espinoza@abcdannye · Founder @looksyvideo
@joeallenpro love seeing founders on top of things! :)
Cory M Burnett
Cory M Burnett@corymburnett · UX Design Manager @ Oracle
Very cool, will be a useful for sure.
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
So useful! I've wished for a _portable_ teleprompter app about a zillion times when recording video of clients on-site, particularly at events. You know those short introductory bits that need to be just right and somehow never are?
Ben Nesvig
Ben Nesvig@bennesvig
This is a great idea.