Video Surveys by SurveySparrow

Embed, loop, and play. Video Surveys, full of life.

Better responses, novel survey experience, and just pure engaging. Video survey unfolds when the play button unrolls.
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Hi everyone, Thanks, Kevin for hunting SurveySparrow once again :) Make surveys engaging, conversational. That’s what we have in our minds while building SurveySparrow. And, I’m excited about Video Surveys because it definitely brings us to that goal. What’s it? Ridiculously simple and insanely engaging. Embed a video of your liking as the background for surveys. The video plays at length, and you have an option to loop it. Mute, if you require. Customize the video survey to your heart’s content using CSS customization. Where can you use it? Here are some(but not all) of the popular use-cases of video surveys. Product ads & feedback: Showcase your product & flaunt its features. Job applications & recruitment: Show a quick peek of your work culture. Event registration & reviews: Collect post-event feedback swiftly. Invitations & RSVP: Have fun while creating invitations. Get the RSVPs to flow in. Why use it? Novel survey experience Greater user engagement Better responses I’d love for you guys to experience video surveys, first-hand. Needless to say, I love feedback and am happy to answer any questions. Video Surveys will, undoubtedly, be the future of surveying. And, great news, the future is already here! Best, Shihab
It all started at a music concert. The crowd was insane and the performance of the artist was beyond amazing. He sang & interacted while the crowd responded & cheered with much energy! This got me thinking... What if surveys had the same zeal? What if the surveys came in a much engaging avatar? Then, there was no turning back. The entire team rolled up their sleeves and got to work! :)
@vishnu_baliga loved the quick turn around on this :)
Looks amazing. This makes survey experience even more engaging.
@ruthra_baalan Thanks Ruthra, Glad you like it :)
Love the usability and features that you keep upgrading from time to time
Glad you like it, appreciate your feedback @allwynsymon :)
Haha I like the idea, though I'm a bit skeptical if it's gonna distract me from thinking about the answers for the survey :)
@nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 Glad you like the idea, Alan. That was our initial assumption as well. But the feedback from beta customers who have used it was that it is not a problem depending on the type of video used and theming of the questions. Think of it like having videos on webpages as backgrounds :)
@vipint7 Definitely gonna try it! Maybe I will use it for others to give feedback on the video in the background!
@nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 Appreciate it :) please do share your feedback on how it goes :)
@vipint7 Can I have your email so I can send the feedback directly? I don't want to send a huge long chunk of texts in Intercom...