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A must have Chromecast Ext., play all media from desktop

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Matt Gardner
Matt here from Videostream :) We're happy someone posted us! We take any of your local video files and play them wirelessly to your TV using chromecast, you'll be up and streaming in under a minute, I swear! Happy to answer any questions. We'll be expanding past chromecast in the future!
Clark Wimberly
UX Designer
@ThatMattGardner how does it differ from regular ol Chromecast mirroring? Is it smoother? If so, how? Looking good!
Matt Gardner
@clarklab @ThatMattGardner Hey Clark! We strove just to be super reliable and super simple. Sorry I missed your comment! Basically we: 1) Don't take up your screen at all and in many cases take very little in terms of system resources 2) Technical limitations of screen capture will make the quality suffer compared to us 3) A lot of older computers can't handle screen mirroring at all 4) We're also going to work on videos from your phone soon, without destroying your battery life! 5) Swanky remote control on your smartphone, + playlists etc all in one app! We also try to make it so simple that a technophobic grandma could get it working! We're just trying to be a turnkey solution to getting video from any place to any TV, in future. Hope this answers your question :)
Thomas LavernheCo-Founder @ Ad World Masters

A great tool to cast your movies on your TV using your Chromecast.


Simple to use


Remote app available

With Premium it gets subtitles automatically from


rare bugs

buffering and bad stream quality if trying to stream too high quality file