Upload your videos and publish them as either free episodes, purchased one by one or included in a monthly subscription.
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A Netflix for creators, love the product concept!
Hello content creators, VideoSnack is meant for you! I am a content creator myself, since a few months ago I started creating programming classes and I couldn't really find a good place to publish them. I wanted somewhere I could easily upload my content and publish some free episodes along with paid ones, included in a monthly subscription. Then I decided to build this tool myself! If you are curious, my videos are published here: https://codesnack.videosnack.io/ I'm not making more videos for now because my focus is on platform itself. I want to make VideoSnack the best place to sell your content online! Thank you for reading and suggestions are more than welcomed!
Wow. This is exactly what I need. =)
awesome! Impressive that this is free, that's a super smart business move [ if you're going to be taking a percentage of sales, I think that's fair ].