Our highlight maker uses artificial intelligence to find the most interesting moments in videos and clip them into an easily consumable highlight reel.

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This is super impressive. I just created a highlight reel of Casey Neistat's snowboard video in 5 seconds. We might be able to use this when sharing products on Twitter and Facebook. cc @nickabouzeid @Nivo0o0
It's our pleasure to launch with such a great community, gather all feedback, and announce the first video highlight reel maker of its kind. People are busy. Don't bore your friends or customers with a full length video, give them a preview first! Grab any video from youtube under 10 minutes long and drop it into gifs.com's highlight maker. Our artificial intelligence finds the most interesting moments in the videos and combines them into a highlight reel. Embed your highlight reel on your website or article or download it to share it with friends.
Super useful. I'm sure reddit will love this. Question, I tried a few samples and it does a really good job at finding the optimal moments. You say "Our Machine Learning Algorithm finds the Best Moments in your Video" -- How is this done? Are there hallmarks of a good clip?
@jesserank Hi Jesse! Great question! We trained a deep neural network on thousands of user generated gifs and the corresponding videos they came from. This works great because users only clip moments they find interesting. The model can then predict which moments will be interesting in a new video.
This is awesome! My friends and I just tried doing this for some speeches and the results are epic!
@anthonyjz17 Thanks so much Anthony! Let us know if there is anything we can improve! Cheers!

It's so simple to use, and I always get great results. It's like magic!


Very easy to use! Great design. And the results are amazing.


Only YouTube for now, but that's enough for me tbh.