Send someone a video email of yourself explaining something. This is an excellent tool for realtors, or job candidates looking to stand out from the crowd!
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Hey Hunters! Text is very one-dimensional. And when you're in sales, or marketing, or maybe even recruiting, you really want something in email that helps you stand out from boring text emails. We use this tool because we found that it helps us create much tighter relationships with our users, and so we figured that we should share it with you... because we should all make better connections. If you want to read more about it, here's our blog post: And if you want to check out many free Gmail hacks, this is the place to go:
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@nassaraf Thank you for hunting this, Naomi. I never liked how difficult it was to create a video on Youtube and then upload it into email- it was like a nightmare. This streamlines everything in 3 clicks, and only the people who know the link can see your video. It doesn't post to your YouTube channel. So it's all very easy. And for fun, we included some filters, and will be adding more soon! :) Please enjoy!
Great idea! (Why isn't Google coming up with these features?)
@aleece_germano Haha! I have no idea, but we'll keep producing them if they're too busy! πŸ€“
This is amazing!!! that's going to be my next customer update.
@arielassaraf You'll love it, Ariel. πŸ™Œ
Looking good! Makes sense for video to be embedded in mail, we all know video is currently the preferred way to consume information.
@horea4 Yes, Horea! Thank you! It's been proven in ads that video is consumed more by audiences, so why not make something for email? Imagine if you're a job seeker, a real estate broker, or a salesperson...This makes your job so easy! πŸ’πŸ»