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Enrico FoschiCTO @ 4scotty, mentor @ Geekettes, maker
Very interesting concept. I'm a big believer of marketplaces that can connect offer and demand on a specific niche, also providing tools to better service customer and seller throughout the whole process. Video Brewery seems to nail this, and I would recommend a couple of things: - Support: call it FAQ - For video producers: make it very clear that you take 20% as a commission. The signup is uber simple, and I guess that's ok for customers (get them in with a super simple funnel). But producers actually want to know right away what they are going to earn / be charged with. Also, in the support area you talk about "a small commission". Don't hide it there, be clearer. - Would be interesting, for video producers, to have an idea of how much they can earn. Per project, per month, etc.. Some basic stats maybe. You have a lot of information in the "Support" page (FAQ). But it's kind of hidden there. - As a customer, would be interesting for me to get a clearer idea about prices per type of video: e.g. animation usually from X to Y, stop motion from X to Y, etc.... maybe with some example (e.g. this video for XYZ, 30secs, in stop motion costed about 500$). Just curious, why do you charge a $10 per posting? Is it to skim out all of those who want to get some free offers from your producers "just to browse around"? Also, did you decide to do so based on a problem you want to fix (e.g. too many uninterested customers) or an assumption? If it's based on a second, I'd recommend you to test it. You may find out that you can actually convert some of those "uninterested customers". Would you provide video producers some badge / ways to promote themselves on Video Brewery? Could be an interesting acquisition channel. Well done and best of luck! I'll definitely keep you in mind when I need to get my next video.
Anne HadenTeam Manager
Such concept looks really good if you ask me. First of all it is well explained, which makes it easy to understand, which is exactly the purpose of an explainer video. Also I have to admit the fact that quality of animation is quite good. The only thing that is still not clear to me is the price. Usually video animation services such as these tend to be quite pricey but it is possible to find a decent company with healthy prcies like a company we used to work with a couple of times. They value their work for 200$ which is relatively cheap compared to other companies that create such videos. Gotta learn some prices from Video Brewery to make a final conclusion, but this project get and upvote from me for sure!