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This is an amazing product!
I use VidAngel every week. Sometimes it is just to stream movies that are not on Netflix or Prime (aka Star Wars). It is awesome. Works great. And much easier than going to RedBox that probably won't have the movie you want. My only request is to make it easier to request new movies. If they don't have it in their 'database' there is no place to pop a link.
Perhaps cooler than the ability to edit videos is the fascinating business model of actually purchasing and selling back the movie, allowing you to legally stream titles the even the likes of Netflix will never have the rights to stream. Just streamed The Martian earlier this week. Nowhere to be found on Netflix. Amazing value add.
@aarongundy totally love that feature. The second a title is available on DVD, they can stream it. Awesome.
THE BEST source of streaming videos online. Best selection, best price.
@Vidangel is a new streaming service that allows customers to buy movies for $20, which allows Vidangel to edit the films for language, violence, sexuality, and even scenes with Jar Jar Binks! Afterwards, the film can be sold back to Vidangel for $19 in movie credit that can be used for the next purchase.